Cereal box book report videos

For the kids that wants to have the most awesome homemade school supply ever, these DIY cereal box pencil holders are quite cool. Things You Will Need. Be sure to watch the video so you can see how to do it yourself!

Students can write, draw, and decorate on the paper bag pages. This is an easy project that even very young kids can do, but if they have a hard time with scissors or are too young to use them, you can do the cutting and they can do everything else.

Stack the paper bags on top of each other, fold in half, and staple the closed off ends of the bags together. These templates are very handy and add creativity and ideas to you little ones projects.

Various inspirations and design are prepared for you to see. That is part of their charm, but it is not an aesthetic look which appeals to everyone.

You may want to look at some real cereal boxes to get some ideas. The back of the cereal box should have information about the person the cereal is designed for, while the sides should include made-up nutritional facts for the cereal. Instead of simply decorating each panel as shown above, students can write important facts and information on each surface when it is flat, of course then construct their story star.

For a black history shoebox diorama, students can choose either a figure in black history or a historical event involving black people. You will probably want to create the cover before gluing it on your box.

If you are a mail art aficionado, however, you can create spectacular simple postcards using old cereal boxes. If so, you can always make one out of a cereal box if you are in a pinch!

Please vote for this template if it helps you. This is a cool activity because your kids can create something they can play with again and again—a puzzle. You can make them quickly and easily out of old cereal boxes.

You can use the template on the attached sheet or cover the side with white or light colored paper and do it in your own way. If your kids are too young to cut the shape out, they can still do all the painting and decorating.

It really makes the colors in the frame pop—plus the chalkboard itself presents endless opportunities for fun! Once everyone is finished, students can share their boxes with the class and put them on display. The body of the hanger is used to identify the book and the cards on the strings dangling below are filled with information like characters, setting, and a summary.

It sure looks solid too—like it could actually float. Step 3 Create a cereal title for the front of the box that gives the readers an idea of what the book was about. They can also glue information on writing or drawing paper onto the pages.

But the lame thing is we seem to be throwing them away all the time as well. Drive a toy car up into a cereal box parking garage.

Stellated Dodecahedron This 3D project is a little more complicated than the ball described above, but just imagine the constellation of stars hanging from your classroom ceiling after the students present their report!

A Dozen Ways to Make Amazingly Creative Book Reports

Actually, this mirror is so ridiculously cool that you probably will be spending all your time gazing at the mirror instead of at yourself. Create spools for embroidery floss. Craft these amazing globes. Manufacture a robot … out of a cereal box!

Be dynamic and try to convince the audience to buy the cereal whether you liked the book or not.

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If you liked the earlier idea for making a simple puppet theater out of a cereal box by cutting out the front, you will love this. And they certainly are a lot more fun and creative than drawer dividers you would pick up from the department store.

Common thing is people ask about their right connected with the pictures on our gallery. Make a cereal box mosaic frame.

Store your pencils inside nifty recycled pencil boxes.

How to Make a Cereal Box Book Report

You could take this idea even further and customize it by using whatever design you wanted—you would not necessarily need to trace the existing designs on the boxes. This project is simpler than you probably think!Book reports are important for improving a child's writing skills and reading comprehension, and they also get the child familiar with the concept of a deadline.

Generally, the hard part is getting children excited about doing book reports.

Cereal Box Book Reports

A cereal box book report is one way to encourage enthusiasm. Download a free Cereal Box Book Report Template 3 to make your document professional and perfect. Find other professionally designed templates in TidyForm/5(K).

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45 Amazingly Creative Repurposed Cereal Box Projects

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Cereal Box Book Report

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Cereal Box Book Report - My son had to do a book report with very little instruction. One of the choices was a Cereal Box Book Report (with no instructions).

Cereal box book report videos
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