Dangers of landmines

A study found that despite large national expenditures for family planning for year olds, both pregnancy rates and abortion rates rose over time. Only per cent of children disabled by mines in El Salvador receive any rehabilitative therapy.

But other key nations have also opposed the landmine treaty, which the landmine monitor report also details. Most efforts remained focused on medical care and physical rehabilitation, often only when supported by international organizations and funding, rather than on promoting economic self-reliance for survivors, Dangers of landmines families, and communities.

Unless vigorous action is taken, mines placed today will still be killing and maiming people well into the middle of the next century. This can happen because Psychological support for children experiencing trauma is rarely available while the psychological effects linger for many years and sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Research the progress of de-mining in Cambodia. Under the terms of the international landmine treaty, which outlaws landmine use and sets targets to clear mined land, Cambodia was recently granted a ten-year extension to rid itself of mines. Before she joined, she dropped out of school to support her parents by selling fish Dangers of landmines a market across the border in Thailand.

So common are mines in Cambodia that they are now used for fishing, to protect private property and even to settle private disputes. Srey said clearing mines requires a lot of concentration Extreme community service Srey Yen's village, Ou Pok, is less than three kilometers from the K-5 minefield.

This, they say would help to defend South Korea. The ICBL stresses that full data for casualty numbers are hard to come by, implying that these numbers are likely to be very conservative. What is the Title X program?

Complete the Information - Answers Name of Treaty: Back infor example, it criticized the US as also bearing responsibility for the landmine crisis pointing out that at the time, the United States was one of the largest producers, exporters and stockpilers of landmines.

Robert Carmichael Phnom Penh Editor: By their nature, they do not discriminate between civilians and combatants, and they contravene international humanitarian law. Planned Parenthood is strongly opposed to parental consent or notification laws, which, in its view, interfere with the "confidential" relationship between its counselors and unemancipated minors.

Back to top The United States has not signed up to the landmine ban treaty Due to its geopolitical position and status, the US has often been a core focus area for many landmine treaty activists.

If the verb is two or more words, 'still' goes after the first verb. The teacher is serving a sentence of ten years, and the health department voted not to accept Title X funds next year.

Discussion Two - Notes In classes where students are from different countries or regions of the same country, try to mix students up so they can learn more about each other. Some 41 nations are now on record as being in favour of the permanent elimination of land-mines.

We can use it to express impatience or intolerance, or perhaps surprise that the situation has not stopped. The report urges that humanitarian mine clearance be made a standard part of peace agreements. It recommends that countries and companies profiting from landmines sales be required to help pay for mine clearance.

These loose piles can collapse or slide, burying an unsuspecting victim. It is easy to become lost and disoriented in a maze of mine workings, especially if lighting equipment fails.

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And whenever roads are built, more people move in to these areas, exposing them to the dangers of landmines.Satisfied customers. "Just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure dealing with your company from purchase to play. Your shipping was right on time and customer service outstanding; I will continue to purchase all my paintball supplies from ChoicePaintballGuns.

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MgM - People against Landmines

As a result of this ever present danger in Croatia, there are 13, warning signs across the country. Reducing Landmine Deaths. Hundreds of people were killed by land mines during and immediately after the war but this number has rapidly decreased in recent years.

Apr 07,  · The Second Most Dangerous Country For Land Mines Begins To De-Mine: Goats and Soda As the year-old civil war in Colombia winds down, efforts to find and destroy the many mines. In addition, landmines often make the land unusable until the mines are cleared.

This means that people who depend on the surrounding region for their livelihoods may have to find alternatives ways of life. Clearing landmines can be painstaking, slow, and very dangerous. Photos: Left: US soldiers clear landmines in Iraq. Asia Decades after the war, landmines still a danger in Cambodia.

Despite two decades of landmine clearance programs, Cambodia remains one of the most heavily-mined countries in the world, though.

Dangers of landmines
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