Literature review on ethics and social responsibility in organisation

Its ten principles should serve as a useful universal framework for defining organizational responsibility, given the lack of synthesis in theory, definitions, and research results. Managers must ask themselves, however, how far beyond the minimum they should attempt to go.


Will it be beneficial to all concerned? This difficult and complicated question entails assessing the positive and negative outcomes of performing socially responsible activities.

Library's Business Ethics Blog About Ethics, Principles and Moral Values See a video about managing ethical and legal risks and boundaries, and what to do if you encounter ethical or legal issues. Another step managers can take is to create a special office or department with the responsibility of ensuring ethical practices within the organization.

Social responsibility in the information age: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management. Ethics can be defined as concern for good behavior. By eliminating high-stakes factors, managers can reduce much of the pressure that people feel to perform unethically.

The third type of managerial approach is the accommodation strategy. Organizational responsibility and organizational attention to environmental sustainability can provide positive outcomes for organizations and the societies in which they function. Is it fair to all concerned?

Some of the most publicized of these areas are urban affairs, consumer affairs, environmental affairs, and employment practices.

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Business shall operate as an open system, with open receipt of inputs from society and open disclosure of its operation to the public. A positive public image can attract customers.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

The basic steps in conducting a social audit are monitoring, measuring, and appraising all aspects of an organization's socially responsible performance. Only a few studies, however, have indicated a relationship between corporate social responsibility and profitability.

While ethical management practices may not necessarily be linked to specific indicators of financial profitability, there is an inevitable conflict between ethical practices and a firm's emphasis on making a profit; the system of competition in the United States presumes underlying values of truthfulness and fair dealing.

Therefore, this review answers the calls of Aguinis and Aguinis and Glavas a to further create synergies between the fields of organizational psychology and CSR. Abstract The author reviews the corporate social responsibility CSR literature that includes the individual level of analysis referred to as micro CSR in the article based on articles, book chapters, and books.

Arguments in Support The best-known argument supporting such activities by business is that because business is a subset of and exerts a significant impact on society, it has the responsibility to help improve society.

Is the decision truthful? Additionally, profitability and growth go hand in hand with responsible treatment of employees, customers, and the community. Many people ask why ethics is such a vital component of management practice. People feel an obligation to consider not only their own personal well-being but also that of other human beings.

For example, a corporation may decide that business ethics requires a special effort to ensure the health and welfare of employees. Organizational responsibility covers a range of closely related—even virtually synonymous—areas of research and practice, including social responsibility, organizational citizenship, sustainable business, and social performance.

In addition to the above-described approaches to social responsibility, managers respond to issues regarding social responsibility in four major ways. Whether the organization is improving or degrading the general quality of life in society 3. The greater the degree of effectives and efficiency, the more socially responsive the organization is said to be.

There are several arguments for and against businesses performing socially responsible activities. The specific areas in which individual companies actually take such measurements vary, of course, depending on the specific objectives of the companies. In addition, organizations characterized by the social responsibility approach generally achieve higher levels of social responsiveness than organizations characterized by the social obligation approach.

A strategic approach to social responsibility 2nd ed.OMM Business Ethics and Social Responsibility OMM Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Discussion 1 Ethical Issues in the 21st Century Gonzalez-Padron () addressed several ethical issues that have arisen in the 21st century.

Choose a scholarly or credible article relating to a 21st century ethical issue. The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible. The Role of Organizational Culture in Social Responsibility. Difference Between Ethics & Social Responsibility Help & Review; Educational Psychology: Help and Review.

Organizational Design & Business Ethics: A Literature Review Abstract A review of the current literature regarding business ethics was conducted analyzing scholarly peer-reviewed articles about business ethics and their relation to leadership, managerial decision making, corporate social responsibility and overall corporate structure.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICS. The term social responsibility means different things to different people. Generally, corporate social responsibility is the obligation to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole, as well as supports organizational.

Literature Review - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social. A Literature Review of Corporate Governance Humera Khan+ Faculty of Management Sciences COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad.

Literature review on ethics and social responsibility in organisation
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