The legalization of lsd

Both the parent drug and its major metabolite are unstable in biofluids when exposed to light, heat or alkaline conditions and therefore specimens are protected from light, stored at the lowest possible temperature and analyzed quickly to minimize losses.

The legalization of LSD

Since from time to time accounts of the adverse psychological effects produced by accidental overdoses of LSD are played up by the media, [7] it is unnecessary to expatiate on the possible dangers of misusing the drug. If new opportunities were extended to individuals for strange and exhilarating explorations into the mysterious The legalization of lsd and the mysterious self, the markets for media entertainment, for package tourism and for all the modern accessories of commercial hedonism would surely diminish.

There has also to be a prior and a collective decision about whether the activity in question is to be subject only to the discretion of the individual. For the safety of the user and society LSD cannot be legalized.

The drug, particularly when taken in a clubbing environment, can lead to overheating and organ failure. The belief that the lobby in the United States for the continued illegalization of all drugs, including marijuana despite the fact that about half of the US population, at least, has at one time or another smoked itis strongly supported both by criminal organizations and by corrupt segments of the police is hardly surprising in view of the enormous profits created by their illegalization.

Until recently physical intimacies between consenting adult homosexuals were such a crime. LSD is rapidly absorbed, so activated charcoal and emptying of the stomach will be of little benefit, unless done within 30—60 minutes of ingesting an overdose of LSD.

The legalization of LSD

For starters, it only surveyed 22, people, and in that sample the people could have used any type of psychedelic be it peyote, mushrooms, or lsd.

Massive amounts of alcohol also helps patients relieve stress and forget about their troubles but is that a good solution? The familiar psychedelic drugs, however, do not fall within this category of new chemicals or additives coming on to the market each year. This is not surprising, for it is common knowledge among those who study the drugs that subjects tend to feel that their minds have been opened by the psychedelic experience to great truths, although by the time the effects have worn off these great truths do not seem quite so mind boggling as they did at the peak of the experience.

As for psilocybic mushrooms, an average dose ranges from 1 to 5 grams dry weight or from 10 to 50 grams fresh, that is, anything between one and twenty mushrooms, depending upon the variety and size.

LSD is not useful for psycho therapy and alcoholism. Sometimes time passes unnoticed or seems to be suspended. By legalizing LSD, we allow all of the societal, medical, and personal benefits that it has empirically been shown to possess to be exploited for the good of society, while giving individuals the ultimate choice as to whether or not they want to take the "risk" of using the drug which, as I have shown, is quite low.


I am not for the legalization of alcohol for similar reasons. What this creates is a completely dangerous situation where the person does not know where, when or how they are.

Apart from a large number of books on the chemistry, botany and use of hallucinogenic drugs there are, of course, many articles in the ordinary medical journals as well as those in the more specialized sources, such as the Psychedelic Journal devoted to the systematic study of the effect on humans of psychedelic and other drugsContemporary Drug Problems dealing largely with the legal aspectsInternational Journal of the Addictions and Grass Roots.

In the hallucinogenic world he feels certain that already he is its slave. Thank you for your patience in reading all of this audience! It also acts as a counterweight to the trend towards the increasing automation and impersonality of modern life which constricts the direct flow of sympathy and feeling between people.

More complete information on this topic is available in other documents available in The Psychedelic Library. Another question, how can you abuse this drug dangerously when it's virtually impossible to overdose from LSD. On occasion a person might scribble feverishly, in rather disjointed calligraphy, in an attempt to record the ebullition of fantasy and emotion.

Time magazine, in reporting the above study, estimated 55, Surely those whose chosen activities tend to result in a greater tax burden being borne by others ought to be made accountable in some way!

What you say is true in most places, but you focus on the amount of deaths that happen from bullying. In a psychodynamic experience, sub-conscious material is brought to the surface.

It would also include the right to travel where he pleases, to divert himself at any place of entertainment, to undertake any lawful enterprise and to voice any opinion provided that his language is not libelous, blasphemous or scurrilous.The most convincing argument for legalizing LSD, shrooms, and other psychedelics a new therapy program, or a medicine currently on the (legal) market.

It's psychedelic drugs — LSD, ibogaine.

MDMA approved for final trials to treat PTSD before possible legalization

LSD should be legalized because of the fact it releases pain, cures headaches-- and can prevent you from being an alcoholic. What BillNyeTheUsSpy had said was that the effects are unpredictable, it causes major damage, and people can abuse this drug dangerously.

LSD The use of drugs among Americans is rapidly rising. They can be bought and sold almost anywhere, from the streets to hallways of schools. A drug on the rapid rise from the 70's is people attribute this to the fact it is extremely inexpensive, $ a hit, the wrong belief by users that it is a safer drug than marijuana because it isn't physically addicting.

Apr 17,  · While Republicans tended to favor legalization the least, support among Democrats and independents didn't reach 20 percent for any drug and was lower for most. LSD has known medical benefits, and there seems to already be some resurgence of momentum on the medical research front currently.

I'm predicting LSD decriminalization within the next years though, at the least it will just be obvious in the wake of the marijuana legalizations, and the continued success stories of places like Portugal. So I, like many of you am % against the drug war.

I have done LSD, and it was really wonderful.

LSD Legalization

However I don't even see a legalization movement gaining any traction in my life time, just because many Americans are so extremely narrow minded.

The legalization of lsd
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