Virtue theory and abortion rosalind hursthouse

It should be noted that some proponents of the Pragmatic View write as though their view entails that there are no thick concepts Blackburn The virtuous agent acts as a role model and the student of virtue emulates his or her example.

De dader heeft immers noch de gevolgen noch het verloop van de daad zelf in de hand, en hij kan ze daarnaast uitvoeren uit onwetendheid.

Virtue Ethics

This is implied by importing the conceptual structure of Neo-Aristotelian ethics from the analysis of the virtue of agents to the virtue of our social structuresgiven the practical nature of such a philosophical investigation.

Morality is sometimes presumed to have some kind of special binding force on behaviour, but some philosophers think that, used this way, the word "ought" seems to wrongly attribute magic powers to morality.

Rosalind Hursthouse

This view is known as the Pragmatic View. This plausible truth, which involves a thin concept, seems to be neither analytic nor a posteriori. On the other, thick and thin differ only in degree but not in kind.

If chastity-objectors believe it is impossible for anyone to be chaste, then they will be reluctant to assert b-d. Support for the continuum view may come from several considerations. There are three main types of Reductive Views: In het boeddhisme bestaan vijf voorschriftenwelke de basisethiek vormen voor een boeddhist.

Michael Slote has developed an account of virtue based on our common-sense intuitions about which character traits are admirable.

Individuals are judged against a standard of perfection that reflects very rare or ideal levels of human achievement. The target-centered view developed by Christine Swantonby contrast, begins with our existing conceptions of the virtues.

De ethiek heeft dan ook als voornaamste leidraad het bevorderen van het menselijk geluk. However, he also attempts to give an account of virtue. The concept of a virtue is the concept of something that makes its possessor good: Although there are disagreements in science, there is at least some chance of scientists converging on a perspective-free account of the world, and this convergence would be best explained by the correctness of that account.

But this is a mistake. Aquino stelde een reeks deugden op die hij ethisch deugdzaam beschouwde, maar verbond ze ook met de idee dat deze een expressie zijn van de rationele orde of natuurwet die voortkomt uit de Goddelijke Wil.According to Rosalind Hursthouse, an action is right 38 Responses “Abortion and Virtue Ethics” → Mike.

when looking at the case of abortion, is incontrovertibly complex.

Normative ethics

Rosalind Hurshouse argues in “Virtue Theory and Abortion” that the status of the fetus, as well as the rights of the woman who is pregnant, is irrelevant. Virtue Theory and Abortion, in which Hursthouse outlined the structure of a new version of Aristotelian virtue ethics, defended it against possible objections, and applied it to the issue of abortion.

(agronumericus.comably Virtue Theoryand Abortion Proceeding as it does in the virtue. should those disputable claims be there. admittedthat there were at least two problemsfor virtue theory: that it has to argue against moral skepticism.

Thick Concepts. A term expresses a thick concept if it expresses a specific evaluative concept that is also substantially descriptive.

It is a matter of debate how this rough account should be unpacked, but examples can help to convey the basic idea.

Normative ethics

Hursthouse’s virtue ethics takes as central the conception of a human be- ing who possesses all ethical virtues of character and no vices or defects of character—”humanbeing”ratherthan“person”becausetherelevantchar.

Virtue theory is committed to reductionism (that is, to defining all actions in terms of virtuous agents) —Hursthouse responds by saying that virtue theory relies on a number of significant moral concepts, for example, benevolence, good and evil.

Virtue theory and abortion rosalind hursthouse
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