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In fact, some are calling it the most important invention since the Internet itself. Intermodal shipments Efficiently ship long distances by combining multiple modes, such as truck and rail.

Only such basic characteristics that are specific to supply chain functions will be truly acquiescent to qualify as generic supply chain strategy drivers. Our industry is no different, as we try to make sense of major events inwhile at the same time looking forward to the supply chain trends and predictions for As this article proved extremely popular, I thought it worth adding a few updates to follow progress on these six trends.


In itself the blurry line creates little issue, apart from some semantic frustrations. Interestingly enough, most of the trends have continued to strengthen over the course of the year, with the exception perhaps of 6, although it could be that virtual logistics teams are on the rise, and that the growth has simply failed to receive much industry-media attention.

This article is adopted from my book, Supply Chain as Strategic Asset: Most managers actively monitor our industry and make regular adjustments to existing strategies, or add new components as they are required — mobile app ordering in recent years, for example.

What does this trend mean for your company? At times on Black Fridaymore than Watch industry supply chain of the orders being placed online came from a smartphone or tablet.

The term itself offers a clue into the conceptual origins of CSR and the socially responsible supply chain. The winner of the challenge was Vecna Robotics, a company that provides complete robotics solutions for warehouse operators.

Executive Education RFI The Logistics and Supply Chain Education RFI can help you identify the schools, coursework, continuing education, distance learning and certification opportunities available from leading logistics educational institutions.

This is especially important when it comes to fresh or perishable products. Vessel owners post their available capacities and shippers post their needs.

Fulfillment providers will be challenged to further enhance the customer experience As brands strive to stand out from the competition, the pressure will be on to innovate and customize the consumer experience. As populations grow and economies boom, especially in Africa, more consumer demand drives the growth of the sector.

Smart shippers are finding ways to leverage these innovations to increase profits and strengthen relationships across the supply chain. The situation is changing however, as more and more MHE manufacturers bring warehouse robotics to market.

Supply Chain Management Software

American companies needing short-term warehouse space can log into FLEXE and get connected to other companies with floor or rack space to spare S.

Our truckload brokerage services through FedEx Transportation Management makes it easy for you. The warehouse has no aisles and every centimetre of floor-space is filled to just below ceiling height with inventory.

As it transpired, most of these trends indeed continued to gather pace throughout Of late though, CSR is being regarded less as a compliance-related necessity, and more as an approach to increase revenue, secure customer and employee retention, and generate brand appeal.

Information for carriers Looking for freight opportunities, professional brokers and timely payment? In doing so, we also highlighted the underlying concepts behind each of these so-called strategies and why they fail to deliver as supply chain strategies.

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Ramped up sustainability initiatives in the supply chain, including water and carbon reduction Key Logistics Trend 5: What are your thoughts on these 10 interesting facts about the logistics and supply chain industry? The concept is simple: But as trade grows, it would continue to hire more manpower.

Analysis of demand will also trigger orders, so items will never be out of stock.

DHS piloting blockchain standards for supply chain security

Blockchain for Supply Chain and Logistics Forum Blockchain technology is considered to be a game-changer for decentralizing infrastructure and building a trust layer for business logic.

Look for expanded use of in-store beacons and apps to drive awareness of special offers via mobile devices in We look forward to hearing your predictions! There is already a huge shortage of skilled workers for this sector, and the number of unfilled jobs is expected to rise even more.

As it transpired, most of these trends indeed continued to gather pace throughout and What do supply chains control? The Key to Reaching Business Goals."The LSC platform is a true cloud platform that combines the very latest technology with ‘best practice’ supply chain techniques and is dedicated to the construction industry.

Richemont Group: Cartier, Montblanc, Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry, Baume & Mercier, and others. Forced by law to supply competitors Assumes R&D and production costs for the rest of the industry.

Bristlecone announced the release of its SAP Ariba Cloud Connector for Informatica Cloud. The new connector will simplify data integration and reduce complexity in the procurement process, apart from improving the Supply Chain.

The leading Supply Chain platform for the Construction Industry

Dec 08,  · Our industry is no different, as we try to make sense of major events inwhile at the same time looking forward to the supply chain trends and predictions for Trends are an interesting phenomenon from our perspective.

Here are six of what we believe to be the key supply chain and logistics trends ofalong with a summary of their progress as at the end of the year. Business models change rapidly, requiring flexible and responsive supply chains.

Many supply chain organizations can’t see the disruptions coming because information is fractured and disconnected. As a chief supply chain officer (CSCO), how do you cope with the pressure to foster innovation while.

Watch industry supply chain
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