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To do this even better start with a clear picture in your mind of who you are writing to. She really took into consideration all of our needs and wants when selling and purchasing our home. You can gain the confidence and loyalty of as many Real Estate Agents as you can handle.

We had a home in Mill Valley that was difficult to sell, and even when the housing market began to rise, our home contiued to be bypassed. When we are ready to sell our previous home, a condo which we currently rent out, Arthur Thomas will be our agent.

We have experience of real estate agents in 3 countries. As such it gives me great pleasure to full recommend kevin as a quality agent J. His sense of humor was timely to help relieve some of the mixed emotions we were feeling with the sale of mums house.

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I have bought and sold with Kevin. My partners will be writing their own column in my newsletter plus I gained access to each of their mailing list of clients.

The laziest mortgage broker in the country can have it generating phone calls in less than one week. They waited for us to do so for a long time we were under contract from September to January. She always kept me informed with the process of selling our home.

Emailing your database an offer to visit the page. However, with Marilyn's help and always keeping us in the loop, we were never worried.

Their response time is immediate. This will help you write a clear message filled with the benefits of your service to them and explain exactly what you are going to do for them. He kept me informed at every step and took away the angst, in fact it was almost too good to be true.

You and your Agent partners will be amazed at how the system increases both your businesses. This was over 10 years ago and a lot has changed since then… thankfully. She did beyond her job expectations, even working with me on weekends and after hours.

When I ask for help, I get lectured on my need to spend more money with them. Even in the short time we have lived here in Wynnum West two monthsit has turned out to be everything we had dreamed it would be; great schools, great families, great recreation and activities, great location close to shops, great house and everything else we thought it would be.

Every interaction I have had with the staff at the Dover office has been charming as well. The little extras like changing signs around for better viewing surprised me.

The first thing I used was the letter. I have received a few decent leads and although still working to close the first deal with them, I definitely see a lot of potential. Sorry we are experiencing system issues. It almost sounds too easy, does this really work?

Now we are looking forward to buying our next home from you as well. Plus, they save money time.Cathy Boytos Oakville, Burlington, Ancaster, and Hamilton Real Estate website!

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Arthur Thomas Properties

April Mill Valley Home Sales Update | Top Agent Real Estate Report | Pacific Union April 22, April Mill Valley Home Sales Update | Top Agent Real Estate Report | Pacific Union. Located just north of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and home to just 14, residents, Mill Valley is widely considered one of the most desirable small towns in the entire Bay Area (click HERE for a video.

Arthur Thomas Properties Welcome to Arthur Thomas Properties, where we’re a local, family owned small business. For years we’ve been helping local residents buy, sell, lease, and manage their properties. We strive to work individually with each client to meet their needs.

We understand that buying or selling your home is a big step, and we read more». The Rent Estate Revolution is Here. We used to live in a world where people bought homes with the intention of staying, and highbrow real estate investors bought properties to flip them for a quick profit.

Our website design goal is to make sure you succeed as a real estate agent! If you succeed, we succeed. We care about your business just as much as you do. Looking for real estate sales & management expertise? Contact Robina Village Real Estate, servicing Robina, Varsity Lakes and Gold Coast surrounds today.

Write a testimonial for a real estate agent
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